Sunday 6th January 2019

Sunday 6th January 2019

Put the date in your diary and have a go at a cross race for the New Year.  More info coming soon.

Winning a Stripy Jersey!

National Champion. It’s quite a nice ring to it doesn’t it?! Never would I have imagined when I rode my first road race back in March that less than 4 months later I’d be standing atop a National Championship podium pulling on a rather nice stripy British Cycling Champions Jersey. OK, so to clarify it’s […]

Beacon Ambassador, Mary Wilkinson wins CVR World Cup in Vancouver and secures ten grand prize pot!

      “So, let me get this right…you’re going all the way to Vancouver to ride a bike fixed to a turbo trainer, racing against real people, but in a virtual world?!” That was the reaction I got from pretty much everyone I talked to about the Zwift CVR World Cup Finals that I […]

How to run a personal best 10 km in six months

Run a personal best 10 km in six months and knock five minutes off your time.  I have been running off and on since around 2006.  10 km is my ideal distance as it minimises the risk of injury and prepares me perfectly for Olympic distance triathlon. In the first half of 2016 I ran […]

5 Tips to Achieve your Cycling Goals in 2017

How did your mileage go in 2016?  Did you achieve your goal(s)? Rolling home on my last ride of 2016, which was on New Years Eve, my total hours in saddle account got finalised – 452 hours (equating to 8,500 miles).  I also completed a big challenge I’d been planning, climbing Mt Teide in Tenerife. […]