Our Brands

Our brands present the very best premium products from the world of cycling, running & triathlon.  We combine this with really competitive prices.

Warranty: In order to provide the first class customer service and provide our customers with the very best warranty support, where ever possible, we tend to source our products via the official channels rather than the grey imports. This is because grey imports are rarely supported with warranty support by the official UK suppliers. This way, you can be assured that we have the full support of the distributors and manufacturers behind us.  That’s important with the ever growing technology and advanced materials associated with modern bikes and equipment.

Price, Convenience & Service: Finally, we recognise the arrival of today’s combined online and offline shopping market place. Our customers want and deserve the benefits of online price and convenience, combined with the very best customer care we offer through our store.  Hence, we’ll compete with the most competitive prices from pure online retailers where ever we can.  We regularly check market prices against the biggest internet sellers.  Just ask us for a deal and we’ll do our best!

We always look after our customers and reward their loyalty to us.