Endless Pool

Endless Pool

Swimming is like golf and tennis, it’s all about technique!

You can swim two or three sessions a week which will undoubtedly improve your fitness but without improving your technique, you are unlikely to get significantly faster, without understanding what your stroke is doing.  The beauty of the Endless Pool is ,it allows you to better appreciate what is going on in your stroke and more importantly understand how to correct any deficiencies.

At the Fell we have our own large Endless Pool.  You can book a session to give it a try.  We offer a wide range of sessions for individuals and friends.

Swim Training

We offer coached sessions which include Go Pro video analysis with our BTF swim coach Aimie Hamer

  • Book a session in our Endless Pool
  • Buy a session or package of sessions as part of your training plan for the upcoming season
  • Sessions start from £97 including video analysis and development plan