Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Our Performance Suite is where we do Bike Fit.  It’s a dedicated suite full of measurement jigs and sizing equipment. This allows us to assess and measure a potential customer against a suitable frame size.

Bike Fit, frame size and set up will vary depending upon not just a person’s height but also their:

  • torso length
  • leg length
  • arm length
  • flexibility
  • type of bike
  • frame geometry
  • riding position
  • age
  • injury history
  • length of time in current position
  • presence or absence of symptoms suggesting the current position needs to change
  • personal prefereence

Your bike should 'fit you', you shouldn't have to 'fit the bike'

Our goal is to ensure that ‘your bike fits you’ rather than you having to ‘fit the bike’.  This applies to every Bike Fit delivered as part of a new bike delivery but equally to the many customers who come to us to check their existing bike position.

A bike fit session offers many benefits and customers come to us for many reasons including:

  • pain in their back, neck, shoulders
  • sore feet
  • numb hands or wrists
  • can’t reach the brake levers
  • have an injury inhibiting their riding
  • have just bought a new bike
  • wishing to go faster for time trialing
  • want to get off the bike in better shape to run faster in triathlon
  • need their bike set up for racing
  • have a big endurance ride or charity event planned

We use a combination of measurement, benchmark data and experience to set your position so that its helps improve your riding and enjoyment on the bike.  We have completed bike fits for many Team GB Triathletes as well as pro-teams like Rapha Condor and our own teams Haribo Beacon and NAB Racing

Every bike fit initially starts with an assessment of a riders aims and goals and why they are seeking an improved position.  This then leads into an assessment of their current position on any existing bike.

Assessment of their new position then considers the following contact points:

  • pedals
  • shoes and cleats
  • saddle height
  • set back in relation to bottom bracket
  • saddle shape
  • +/- saddle angulation
  • reach and stem length
  • handlebar height, bar shape
  • shifter position
  • bar tape

The process is dynamic so all riders will be pedaling their bike on a turbo trainer in our performance suite.