Turbo Training Classes

Turbo Training Classes

Turbo Training Classes occur weekly at The Fell during the winter months.  These are open to all comers and offer a really social and enjoyable sessions for all abilities.

Getting involved:

  • Come and try our Turbo class on a Thursday evening and meet Aimie, our Sports Physiologist
  • Turbo Training Classes are great fun and they are a very social way of getting started on the road to improving fitness.
  • Ideal for cyclists, triathletes and runners
  • Open to all abilities
  • Use our turbo trainer or try rollers
  • Book a place by contacting Aimie Hamer or The Fell Store

Train hard.......race easy.

Class Format:

  • Each class lasts an hour.
  • It will be made up of blocks of cycling of increasing, steady or decreasing affort.
  • There is usually music and big screen cycling on at the same time.
  • There’s an option to go for a ten minute run toward the end of class, for the triathletes and runners
  • Every class finishes with 10 minutes stretching
  • Arrive for Thursday evening at 18-45 to allow time to get set up
  • Bring your own bike
  • Class time is 19-00 to 20-00 hrs